Nicole + James
It was such a pleasure working with Robert! I was nervous about finding the right photographer to capture our wedding, and Robert put me at ease from the very beginning. His work is beautiful; he's creative and has a great perspective. He is definitely not your average wedding photographer. He was very patient with us and our big, crazy family and made the whole wedding day run very smoothly. He was even willing to stay an extra hour to take more photos of our reception at the last minute We most definitely appreciated his flexibility, professionalism, and kindness. Best of all, our wedding photos turned out beautifully. We are so thankful to have found Robert to capture our wedding day. I highly recommend him! 

Rachael + Clint
We hired Robert directly off of the internet based on seeing his pictures featured on several blogs, and also following the great reviews he has received from ALL of his clients. I will say, he was our very BEST and FAVORITE vendor of the day! First off, talk about patience! My friends and family are a rowdy bunch, and he was able to corral everyone so that they stayed out of the shots they weren't supposed to be in (including our First Look), and that they were where they needed to be when it was their turn.He really took control of every situation, and I am truly thankful for that. He made the entire process so easy on everyone and stress-free. Everyone kept saying how awesome he was, and my husband and I truly agree. Secondly, he is very creative. He knew where the best locations were for shots, how to position all of the little details (like shoes, garters, jewelry, etc.) so that it looks extra-classy. We have never done any type of photography sessions in the past, and I was worried that our shots would come out super posed and fake-looking. Not the case with Robert! He gave great direction for shots that needed to be taken, but he is fast and skilled enough that he was able to capture the moments that aren't-so-posed and just came naturally (those are the BEST ones, too!) We felt very comfortable about Robert, and he truly made us feel relaxed even when there was a lot going on. Last but not least, were the pictures. I was DYING to see our pictures because let's face it, his work we've seen before is the reason we hired him! I knew they were going to be great. And of course, they were. They are AMAZING, actually. Everyone who has seen them has raved about how beautiful they are. He really captures the true emotions of the day and turns them into beautiful, fresh and bright pieces of art. We are very proud to show them to everyone, and I can't wait to get huge prints to put all over our house.

Dominique + Ryan
Robert did an amazing job capturing our wedding!! His shots are unique and truly a work of art. If you're looking for quality and creativity, I highly recommend Robert!

Megan + Brian
I can't say enough about Robert Rios Photography. Robert took our wedding photos and was absolutely wonderful. He was amazing to work with from the first time I contacted him; He is professional, organized and very personable. Most importantly, he is incredibly talented and passionate about what he does! Our pictures turned out GORGEOUS! He truly captures the special moments and captured the most beautiful shots. We have received countless compliments on all of our pictures. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking for an amazing wedding photographer!

Lisa + Michael
My husband and I decided that we wanted to have a destination wedding in The Keys. It wasn't the easiest to plan especially since we had to do most of it from hundreds of miles away. Finding the perfect vendors proved a bit of a challenge. Out of all the decisions to be made, choosing the right photographer was extremely important to me. I found Robert's website as I searched for photographers in the Miami/Keys area. I thought his photographs captured the beauty of a wedding and his talent clearly shined through. I contacted him and he responded back promptly which I had noticed wasn't always the case with other vendors. We explained that we weren't planning to have the typical large wedding opting for more of an intimate affair. He was very flexible and gave us the freedom to decide what we wanted to do. 
On the day of the wedding, Robert arrived early which was nice because it allowed him to set up and figure out pictures he wanted to take as well as time to meet us. He was professional but also personable and made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun with him. All of our guests really liked him as well. We received our photos pretty quickly and we just love them! He was able to capture our love for each other on film as well as the specialness of the day. Plus he made us look really good! We would definitely hire him again for an event and I'm a little sad that we live too far away to have him take more photos for us. 
Having a destination wedding required us to take some risks on aspects of our wedding but we definitely made the right decision choosing Robert as our photographer.

Celia + Jorge
We are more than thrilled with our wedding photos. It was a defining moment for us and Robert really captured all the details and the emotion that we felt on our wedding day. We knew what we were getting though; a solid professional that is control of himself and the situation. We knew this because we are wedding videographers and we've been lucky to work with Robert before on different jobs. We've seen first-hand the dedication and the passion he has for his work. So naturally, he was our first choice for a photographer. He's also a sweet guy with a good sense of humor who can get a large group of excited wedding revelers to settle down and pose without being rude. There aren't too many sure things in life, but Robert Rios' photos are definitely one of them.

Lauren + Mike
Robert is an amazing photographer. He is so easy to work with, and I absolutely love the photos, which we received within a month of the wedding. That is something to rave about alone! The day of the wedding, Robert was on time and was a joy to be around. He had a lot of great ideas for pictures and was completely on board for shots I wanted. It was just so easy and his packages are wonderfully priced and I love that there is no pressure to buy expensive photo albums or individual pictures. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, and I will look at these pictures with great memories of a wonderful day- thanks to Robert. Hire him, you will not regret it.

Keisha + Eric
Robert gave great direction for the photographs and the quality of his work is outstanding. It was a hot day outside but he never once complained and always had a smile. Robert was easy to work with, get in contact with and had a nice turn around time for the final photos which turned out AMAZING! Hope to hire him again for our anniversary shoot.

Nikki + Aaron
Robert is fantastic, you don't have to think twice about hiring him. He's not only an amazing artist, but is extremely friendly and makes everyone feel so comfortable, which is why the pictures turn out so good. For my bridal session, I got my pictures back in 3 days!! That's unheard of. Robert is professional and organized.. he always arrived early to explore the venue to find the best places to take pictures. He's creative and unique, you will not regret working with him!! Thanks Robert! -Nikki

Toinette + Robert 
From Robert: 
Robert was an amazing photographer! I'm am usually shy by nature but he was able to make me feel comfortable and capture amazing moments with my now wife. Thank you for the great memories!!
From Toinette:
In the past I've worked with photographers for business events and personal events in Miami. In Miami you come across a ton of amateur photographers who just want to take your money, are not professional, or just plain rude. Robert is the complete opposite and more. He is great to around, makes you feel very comfortable, he is extremely professional and has an amazing eye! He truly knows how to capture the essence of any couple within a matter of minutes. If you've never been photographed before (guys I'm taking to you, and ladies too) Robert knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and capture some of the most amazing shots that you will cherish for the rest of your lives together.

Jenny + Juan
Rob was amazing!!!! From our engagement photo-shoot, to the wedding. Robert was very professional and very accommodating. You know Robert loves what he does because he made our experience such a great one. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a photographer that truly makes your wedding or even a great one. He is such an amazing person and photographer. Thanks Rob for everything!!!!

Melisa + Harold
Robert was outstanding! Absolutely professional, had everything under control and despite the rainy weather he was able to capture our wedding day perfectly. I also got the pictures in a timely manner (which is a plus!). Without a doubt we made the best choice by asking Robert to be our photographer- not only because of his talent but also for his competitive prices. We already recommended him to my brother for his wedding and friends when ever they need a photographer!

Lissette + Lazaro
Robert Rios photography was fantastic. Robert did an amazing job through out the whole process. He is responsible, creative, affordable, punctual, and and all around great person. His ability to capture unforgettable moments are easily seen in his work. Robert is an amazing individual to work with, and I highly recommend him.

Carissa + Brett
I spoke to several photographers initially who all asked many questions about the wedding and such. After speaking to Robert Rios, I quickly knew that I would want him to be the photographer for my wedding. Robert was extremely friendly, while professional and not only asked about our wedding day, but about my husband and I more on a personal level. I appreciate his desire to connect and get to know us as much as possible. Robert Rios was always very responsive in a timely manner and made sure we were clear and comfortable with everything. On the wedding day, Robert was very easy-going while professional and was able to work quickly while knowing exactly how he wanted us to pose and what would look great in the photographs. After viewing the pictures of my wedding, my husband and I were both very pleased with the quality and uniqueness of Robert's work. We are both very thankful that we came in contact with Robert and were able to have him work with us and share are wedding with him.

Molly + Sean
There aren't enough ways for me to gush about Robert and his talent as a photographer. He was so responsive and helpful during the initial emailing and planning. He answered any questions and was willing to travel to our venue in Key Largo. Then came the wedding day... He was SOOO great to work with! He's caring, funny, professional and just plain wonderful to work it. And the best part is of course the photos. They are extraordinary. I truly run out of adjectives when I try to describe them, but they look like I am looking at our wedding through the filter of love and joy that was wrapped around that day. I have looked at the photos an embarrassing number of times and get giddy and tearful and excited and twitterpated all over again- just like I'm reliving the joy of my wedding day. Your wedding day never lasts long enough, but Robert has captured that magic for us and now we can relive it over and over again. 

What I wanted from my photographer was someone that would be cost effective (a must for our budget wedding) but also professional with the ability to take high-quality photos with both standard, classic photos/poses as well as fun, artistic ones. Not only did we get that, but we got a great person to work with as well. My only regret is that this was a destination wedding and I can't recommend him to all our friends and family members, or use him for any future events! Robert is the perfect choice for any bride (or any occasion)!!

Eleni + Franky
Robert is an amazing photographer! He did both my engagement and wedding pictures and I was very pleased. He made my husband and I feel very comfortable taking pictures. We actually had lots of fun! He even stayed past the time he was supposed to at the reception to make sure he captured every moment. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fun, young photographer. :)

Brunette + Patrick
Robert Rios is a great photographer. He took both our engagement and wedding pictures. He is a true professional, punctual, and attentive. His pricing is extremely reasonable. I was surprise to see what he charges compared to his work. It was worth every penny and more. I would recommend Robert Rios to anyone looking for a talented and professional photographer.

Judy + Raul
From the moment I saw his website I knew I would fall in love with the pictures!!!! Robert did an amazing job. He was nice, polite,and flexible (even after everything we put him through). We where so impressed with him and his photography that I will be calling him for pregnancy pictures!

Angela + Peter
Robert was great! Robert went totally beyond our expectations. He was super pro-active, punctual, responsable, very patient, and professional!! From the begining, Robert was flexible and willing to come to an arrangement that was good for everyone. He captured every moment in a beautiful, artistic way. He stayed for longer than we had expected and was very careful with each photograph. The pictures are beautiful and my family and friends really liked them. We loved all of his pictures and we are definitely recommending Robert to our friends and family and hoping to work with him in the future! Thanks for your amazing work, Robert!! :)

Dhaniriys + Juan
Robert is AMAZING! He did my engagement pictures and my wedding as well. Very Responsable, great personality and very professional! I am very happy that I hired him, and I would deifinitely will recommend him! Pictures are awesome! Great Job for my wedding Robert!!!!!!!

Jakeline + Bryan
Robert Was Amazing!!!
Words can't begin to express the way that we feel about Robert’s work. He’s great and easy to work with, he is a very dedicated individual. We first witness his work thru our engagements photos. Once we saw the quality of work that he was capable of producing we knew right then he was our wedding photographer. He was so exceptionally patient with us throughout the whole photo shoot and allowed us to create some shots of our own as well. Bryan and I decided to get married in a beautiful island called Turks and Caicos. When we told Robert that we wanted him to come to Turks and Caicos with us to shoot our wedding photos he immediately said "yes". He was very understanding and was willing to be flexible with us and come to an arrangement that was great for both parties, to make our special day just perfect! He has a true passion for photography and we see it in all the photos that he captured for us. He absolutely made it a day to remember. I as well as friends and family will definitely be using his services again.

Raquel + Jeffery

Robert is a true professional when it comes to photography. He had some really unique and creative ideas from start to finish. It was his first engagement session at the venue we chose and he made it seem like it was his own backyard. He was very spontaneous and managed to capture some really cool and spectacular shots. We are very satisfied with the way our pictures turned out and would highly recommend Robert to those wishing to seize that special moment or ocassion on camera. Raquel y Jeffrey

Yannina + Eli 
I have only positive things to say about robert! super pro-active, punctual, has great ideas for shots, and takes control to get things moving in a timely manner.

Sarah + Terrell 
Robert was absolutely fantastic! He arrived on time and was professional and polite. I never once felt uncomfortable around Robert and he was by far, my favorite vendor of the day. Not only did he feel like one of our guests, but took time to interact with my family and friends. He prvided a high res DVD of all of the images and I really can't find one that I don't like. Take our advice and hire Robert- we're sure that you'll LOVE him. Thanks for an amazing day, Robert!! :)

Caroline + Romain

Robert was very self confident and gave a lot of directives. We felt like this was his strongest asset as it helped doing the pictures faster and he was able to move the crowds when needed. 
The results were beautiful!

Emily Leyva
Robert captured every moment of our event! He was very professional and had great perspective for each shot! 

Prior to the event, he met us at the banquet hall. He gathered the "court" and explained to them how important it was for each of them to HAVE FUN but always keep in mind that pictures where being taken; therefore, keep a smile on your face, no gum, no cell phones, no distractions :) 

His ideas where original and creative. Reliable individual. 
The pictures are beautiful and my family & guests where very impressed with the quality of his photography. 

Thank you Robert! 
The Leyva Family

Sarah + Jason
What can I say.... from the start I KNEW Robert Rios was to photograph my wedding. Why you ask? because I am a photographer and know a good one when I see one ; ) When I looked at Robert's work he was just starting out but already giving professionals a run for their money! He had the perfect balance of light and shadow, he captured a certain softness, and he could photograph lovely in dark or dim lighting... notice these are just technical talents... Robert also possesses one of THE MOST IMPORTANT qualities any professional wedding photographer should have - the ability to capture intimate and unforgettable moments. He was great at the wedding, friendly and pleasant to everyone. But when it got down to business he knew exactly how to direct the family and friends, and as a bride you get busy and need someone like that around. He made sure to capture the most important shots but also sometimes blended in quietly observing and snapping shots I never knew anyone caught on film... like my best friends shedding tears of joy...or the awkward moment after the cake cutter snapped while slicing the cake! When I got back the CD I almost cried. He made my wedding look so gorgeous and vivid I thought I was reliving every poignant moment. I know I will have trouble picking the perfect shot because there are far too many greats to choose from! If you need a good photographer Robert Rios is the one. He truly can capture the essence, charm, and elegance of your special day. If you don't believe me see for yourselfhttp://blog.robertrios.com/2011/03/sarah-and-jason.html

Ronnie + Peter
I wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer who said Robert went above and beyond for their wedding. Robert photographed my Miami destination wedding and he was not only a fabulous photographer but also incredibly pleasant to work with. Robert was very responsive to communication, affordable, and truly listened to what I wanted for the wedding pictures. On the day of the wedding he put not only us but the whole wedding party at ease while he did his work. The pictures turned out great and Robert did us a huge favor by touching up a few of the pictures. Overall I would highly recommend Robert for any wedding, if you check out his website you can see the high quality of his work. Robert, thank you so much for capturing our day in a beautiful and artistic way!

Delila + Angel
I cannot explain in words how all the magnificent photos that were captured of such an important day of my life, made me feel when I saw them done. I re-lived the day once again as if I was marrying again and it made me feel great! Robert captured every moment and every detail in such great style. The photos are ALL BEAUTIFUL! I am not only grateful to Robert for capturing every moment of this such special day but for also going beyond the limits of doing such an excellent photography. I know Robert for many years (since the 5th grade) and who else was I going to call to photograph me? He was very professional and respectful and I couldn"t have felt more comfortable with anyone else. I wish Robert all the best and luck in the world because he deserves ONLY THE BEST! THANK YOU MY FRIEND for not only capturing every moment of my wedding, but also for doing your best to make it special for me and my husband by making a long time memory of such a special day of our lives! And THANK YOU for also doing the decorations... it couldn't have been so special without YOU! Love you lots and wishing you and Claudia all the BEST of this world!
Dalila, Angel, Andris and Angel M.

Beauty by Riviera: Make Up Artist
Robert's photography is amazing and he is a pleasure to work with. He will make you feel so comfortable that your photos will come out natural and beautiful.

Michael + Liz
Robert went above and beyond for us. He stayed for longer than we had expected and was very precise and detailed with each photograph. His kindness and professionalism surpassed everyone, even from the very first phone call. And he always followed through with every detail we discussed. You are awesome! Thank you for capturing every moment with clarity and genuineness. WE LOVED every single picture.

Lindsay Bell
I just wanted to thank you again for giving me such a great shoot that day at Crandon Park. The shots turned out so well, and everyone I've shown them to keeps saying "man, this guy is going to go far." I just wanted to say thank you again for 1. being awesome at what you do, 2. being very professional, and 3. actually coming through... with SO MANY SHOTS! .... thank you so much. i love the photos so so much. :) You're awesome.

Brenda + Steve
I was just re-looking at the pictures in amazement. Brenda and I will always look at the pictures and smile and you did that for us so I wanted to say thanks again. It was such a happy day for us