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Leaving the gym one day I got a call from a familiar voice I had not heard in a while. "Hey Robert, it's Felipe, remember me?"

First day of a new school and first class of the day, I was assigned a seat right in front of Felipe. We grew to become friends and had great times at school. As with most school friendships you drift and everyone goes their separate ways. We reconnected back at the University where we were both studying architecture, he wised up quick and figured out that this was not the path for him. I on the other hand would not figure that out until much later in life. Which was strange because ever since high school he's always wanted to be an architect, sometimes life is funny that way.

Back to the phone call...Felipe continues..."so my fiancé saw your work on line and loved it, not until I saw your picture in the "Me" section did I realize that this was "your" site!" From there we met up and the rest is history. So here I am, capturing my friend's wedding day and I could not be more honored. Felipe has a blessed life and is an extremely lucky guy to be spending the rest of his life with such an amazing woman.

Thank you both for everything, the love, the laughs and good times. It was an privilege to be there capturing this special day for you and will for ever be grateful. Love you both.

Videography: Andrew Schear
Ceremony: Our Lady of the Lakes
Reception: Miami Springs Country Club

Robert Rios | Wedding Photography

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