Jakeline + Bryan | Destination Wedding | Turks and Caicos

Love, Love, Love... its not just the lyrics to a Beatles song but mood throughout this gorgeous event.  Friends from all over the US came to this amazing location to celebrate the union of two of the most awesome people I have ever met.  Jakeline and Bryan are two young souls that love each other like no other and have the support of some of the most wonderful people anyone can have.  They all spent a week celebrating at the Beaches Resort in Turks and Caicos and such a setting for a wedding, there is none.  Location provide the prefect backdrop in creating memories that will last for ever and for an experience everyone will treasure.  

The day was perfect for the event, clear skies, cool breeze and an overwhelming feeling of happiness in the air.  The guys enjoyed a great time of laughter and drinks while the girls were pampered in the spa.  A great friend, Monica provided for the make up on the day of the wedding and the day after shoot (But more of that later).  The ceremony was held at sunset on the beach.  Honestly, nothing can be more perfect.  They exchanged vows and a kiss to rival that of any hollywood romance film.  There were tears and laughter, it was perfect. 

This continued at the reception where heart felt dances and speeches were followed by tears and joy.  The party continued till after night fall, making a perfect close to a perfect day.  

Make Up: Monica Santayana 

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Robert Rios | Destination Wedding Photographer 

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