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Part 1 
Once bitten...

"At least you have a memorable story to tell!" Judy yelled as the boat sped into the dark could of rain, wind and waves.  A short time later "it's like the perfect storm!" the loud voice came from my right in an attempt to be audible over the wind, rain and over spray pounding on us.  

The day began nice, very different from every other day that week.  It's been rain, after rain, after rain..the shoot was already rescheduled due to rain but this day was not like the others.  This day showed promise of bright skies, great light, and kick ass engagement session potential.  Judy and I agreed this day would work and off we went.  Speeding away on their boat we made for the little island Boca Chita. A cute little island located about 16 miles south of Key Biscayne.  It was a great sight to see, little by little the light house grew in the distance and the island became more and more visible.  Excitement elevated as the island was practically empty allowing us for free reign to shoot where we pleased.  Soon however, this feeling of joy was to be replaced by the itching stings of mosquitoes.. not just mosquitoes... MOSQUITOES!!! Tons of them! Everywhere! For some reason these little suckers love me and love to practice their most recently acquired, learned and latest vampire techniques on me with vicious joy.  I can't even count the number of times I was bit..and to add, a huge rain cloud came in and sucked my sun away.  Judy and Raul were troopers.. we carried on and shot away but unfortunately had to cut the session short.  The huge cloud had killed all light and the other shooting spots we had in mind.  And to tell all truth if we had continued on the island any longer and I would have gone into shock from the stings. So we decided to call it a day and try this another time.  We rushed to untie the boat and flee from the bugs, those minutes seemed to last for ever...

At that moment between us and the boat dock was the wall of water.  Judy asked Raul if he was going to drive into it, "I don't have any other choice" he let us know.  So on we went.  In all truth, though the rain pelted us, over spray soaked us, eyes reddened from the salt water and the wind chilled us.. I was really enjoying it all.  That water felt amazing! After the vicious attack we endured on the island from the mosquitoes I welcomed anything that would cool down my skin and alleviated the itching. 

We will shoot another day so for now I leave you with Part 1 of Judy and Raul's engagement session.  

***Update: Thanks to continued bad weather/ and scheduling conflicts we were not able to shoot part 2 of this session... :( But we will make up for it on the wedding day! 11-11-11!!! :D 

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