May the 4th be with you!

Happy star Wars day everyone! :D

Today is a special day as we celebrate the similarities in how "May the Force be with you" and "May the Fourth be with you" sound so much a like. This similarity led to this day becoming known as "Star Wars Day".  I love Star Wars, any one that knows me will attest to that.  I'm an über geek and I'm proud of it.  Star Wars and The Matrix have single handedly been the most influential movies in my life.  The way I animated, created camera views, and styled my work was hugely influenced by these films.

Back in my architectural schooling days I created a short animation where two TIE Fighters battle it out with an X-Wing.  It was an epic battle that involved elements from both Star Wars and Matrix.  With hair raising maneuvers, bullet time explosions, and sound editing, it was my personal side project that I was very proud of. My tour de force if you will.  But unfortunately due to hard drive crashes and the unfortunate loss of data that comes with that, the files have all been lost.... All but one.  This is the one single frame I have from the whole production. Having revisited the project with new knowledge (from Jedi training) in rendering, lighting, editing, and animation, I was in the middle of re-rendering when I lost everything; new and old. The force was not with me that day at all. Nothing like staring at a blank computer screen after you have witnessed all your work evaporate into thin air. It was an epic fail of epic fails..epicness I tell you. I am pretty sure that what did me in was my want to render it at 2K resolution and my computer's inability to cope with the demands. During the early editing process is when the computer failed and the drive committed suicide. It would have been awesome and I would have felt a personal accomplished to have been able to completed the new version but alas it was not to be.  Either way here is a frame from the animation where I was testing the compositing of all the layers and effects.

Robert Rios | CG Artist

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