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New York.. I love this city.  The pace, the liberty of disconnecting yourself from an automobile, the variety of foods and bars... I could just go on.  I have had great times there and look forward to having more great times.  This was the first time ever seeing snow in the city so I was really excited about that. 

Much thanks to my friend George for providing shelter and a good times.  

View from the hotel.. :)  


Really cool to see this in the city.  Love this car.   

Really awesome bike.

Segway man.. New way to get around.  :) 

Fluffy bird.  He seemed cold.

There was a lack of "Lawn" here.. more like snow field.

These are two of my favorite shots from the trip.

This guy was really into his cross word puzzle.

I think this guy died at the McDonlads.  He was previously laying on the floor on a tarp type thing and they lifted him onto the gurney. They didnt seem to be working on him or trying to revive him.. so that leads me o think that he was dead.

Sunset.. from the hotel.

That's George..

We're there in the foot of the "2"

Robert Rios | Photography 

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