Andrea and Glenn | South Florida Wedding Photography

These guys rock! It was awesome to have been there and been able to take part in this special moment.  This was my first official second shooting experience and it was great.  I second shot for photographer and great friend of mine, John Bouma.  He's as cool as he is talented.  It was an honor to shoot by his side and to assist him through the day with capturing this special couple.

Sometimes you come across these stories that really make you think that there is a person destined to be with you and travel through life with you.  This is such couple.  Distanced only by age, they met and quickly came to see that this was meant to be, that this was either going to be extremely awesome. They grew up in and around the same block, went to the same schools, and even had the same kindergarten teacher but never met.  Parallel lives, shifted by time finally brought together in this union.

They have a great attitude and are amazing people.  I wish them the all the love and the best in their new journey together.


Robert Rios | Wedding Photography 

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