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December 2010... My wife's first trip to Nicaragua. Tun Tun Tuuunnnn.... That's her in the middle.  She claims to have enjoyed it and it was pretty obvious from the pictures of the trip.  

I love going to Nicaragua, the food is amazing, the people are great, and the stuff that you do there is memorable.  Here is to many more trips to Nicaragua together! :D 

Waiting at the Rosti Pollo..

Close ups of a nativity at the Galleria's Mall.

The view from the pool deck of the hotel.

Hotel room.. we stayed at the Hotel Barcelo', which is an awesome place to stay.  Highly recommend it.

This is on our way to las Isletas de Granada. The body of water you see is the Lago Nicaragua.  Heavy rains have made the water levels rise higher than they have been in decades.

So many years ago a veterinarian went to an island her in Las Isletas and set a couple of these monkeys loose.  Poor things are isolated on a small island no bigger than a baseball field.

El Volcan Mombacho.. we'll be getting to that soon... of the oldest town in Nicaragua.  Its an awesome place full of history and has lots of tourist activity.  A must go to if you go to Nicaragua.

On the way to Niromi, a Volcano that imploded and left a lake in its crater.

Volcan Masaya. This place is awesome. You're so close to a real active volcano that the sulfur in the air makes it hard to stay there for more than 20 minutes.  The first time I went there (many years ago) there was less sulfur and you can actually see the lava slushing around in the crater.  That was awesome to see.

Hungry dog at Mombacho.

El  volcan Mombacho! :) 

Bye! :( See you soon!

Robert Rios | Photography

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