Wanda and Evens | Fort Lauderdale Engagement Photography

There are many reasons why this session is very special to me...mainly because this couple holds a lot of meaning for me and the photography path I have taken.  My connection with Wanda comes from my first ever foray into photography.  Once I decided to take this love I have for the art beyond a mere hobby, she is the one that  gave me my first professional opportunity.  Wanda is an event planner and in charge of her own company and commissioned me, out of good faith, to shoot a fashion show for her.  With no experience and large amounts of nervousness I dove into my first shoot. 

This one fashion show back in February of 2010 lead me down the path I am walking in now.  I was fortunate to make important connections that have shaped greatly helped the path.  For that I am eternally grateful for her.  

This was another first for me, as I have never shot an engagement session before. So I could not have asked for it any other way and it could not have been scripted any better.  To have Wanda and Evens as my first engagement session was more than I could have ever asked for. And If history with my friend Wanda repeats itself, it will most certainly not be my last engagement session.  

From a chance meeting at a poetry reading to an elaborately planned proposal at Olive garden, these two are an embodiment of love and that sometimes two souls are destined to be together.  Wish them much love and sanity as they begin the task of planning the wedding. 

Much Love, 
Robert Rios 

Robert Rios | Photography 

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  1. Awwww I never read this before. You just bough tears to my eyes Robert. Thank you for the kind words because some of what i just read, I never knew :). You are truly the best at what you do and Evens and I are and forever be grateful to have you as our photographer.. :)