China '10

In September I had the chance to go to China on a company trip and I took it! I love China, the culture the people, the history, the progress. Seeing it change from the first time I went 6 years ago to now has been awesome.  Bikes have been slowly replaced by automobiles and motor cycles.  Towers and high rises have gone up in an incalculable rate. Its good to see a country and people progress as much as they have.  This time around we went to the South region of China to a place called Zuhai.  Very different from the more modernized city of Shanghai where we eventually spent most of the trip.  In Zuhai we had the opportunity of dinning in a real Chinese buffet. 

Traveling Buddy... 


Behold.. the North Pole. Santa Should be busy down there somewhere..

Sanghai airport to Zuhai.

These things used to be the king of the motor vehicles back in the day.

So below are the pics of the Chinese buffet.  Premies is that you go to a restaurant get a table, then head out back and buy your food, bring it back and you waiter goes ahead and takes it to the kitchen to be cooked to your liking.  Does not get any fresher than that.  Even though I am not a fan of the marine food I appreciate the idea and all in all the food was not that bad.  It was also my first time consuming octopus.  The before and after of said octopus is below.  

Cool installation at the Zuhai airport.  


Shanghai street at night. 

Shanghai World's Fair.  It's not often that you are in the same region where the World's Fair is taking place so you need to take some time and go check it out.  We scored some tickets and went.  Overall very cool experience and defiantly worth the 60 bucks to get in.  I had particular areas to see which I had followed in my Architecture design blogs so I made it a point to see those at least.  The massive amounts of people made actually going inside the pavilions an impossibility.  3 Hour long lines are not my cup of tea. 
On a side note: It was raining so the iPhone provided the imagery on this.  There is also a guest appearance by an epic Windows fail which was located in the United Nations pavilion.  

Shanghai. Lots of people... 

Robert Rios | Photography | Travel Log 

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