Trouble Times 2 Swim wear 2010 | Miami Fashion Photographer

Swim wear line for Trouble Times 2

This was a blast too shoot.  Everyone was in great spirits even after security kicked us out of the pool deck.  Thank you to everyone involved for making this such a great experience, with a special thanks to Robert Sepulvada for coming through with the location and for letting us take over his house for an entire day.  Also big thanks to the crowd that showed their support as they passed by in their boats and cars.  People in Miami are really into fashion :) Also have a feeling they liked the girls in swimsuits.  Last but not least Ketty and Jeannine for designing the neck breaking Swim wear.  

For purchasing and additional information on the suits contact:

Make up: Christina Manchero 
Model: Ashley Carera
            Yuen Lee
            Caitlin Moody

Robert Rios | Photography

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