Casa Alvarez | Miami Architectural Photographer

Eclectic, modern with a twist of old school. These are some of the words I have heard which describe the home.  This house is a 1950's army home which was completely gutted renovated and designed by Monica and Ronald Alvarez with special guest designer and artist Omar Fajardo.  Over a year of hard and a half of hard work and many, many trips to ikea later they have their dream home.  Its a Beautiful 2/2 which they share with their dogs, Kenzo and Kosik.

So let's begin with the dogs.  Let's face it they rule this place so its only fitting that they are the first.

Gold detailed door hinges for the guest bathroom! Who has that?! Its totally cool and very indicative of their style and flare,  as are the matching thrones and complimentary hats and bags.  

"White" a simple black canvas with the word white written on it.  Created by Omar, this piece has become a topic of conversation for visitors.  

Robert Rios | Photography 

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