Deftones Concert

So Last night I went to see Deftones...  holly molly what an awesome performance and band.  Starting of the show with Diamond Eyes, the title track for their amazing new album and then culminating in a fantastic ending with 7 words.  The set list was excellent and well structured, ending the show with 3 tracks from Adrenaline was total wickedness like no other.  The reason for my excitement to see this band above all, to see this drummer, this band and Abe's drumming signaled a huge part of turning point in the way I played, listened, and experienced music.

Circa: 1995  Location: My house (technically my parents house but I lived there so its mine)  Event: Band Practice (Hard Core JalapeƱo).  A good friend and guitarist for the band, Vinny introduced us to a little album called Adrenaline.  From the onset I loved this band and have loved them until now.  They have had hiccups with their music, case in point Saturday Night Wrist (some love this but I am really not fond of this record), but overall have always managed to bring out amazing power full music.  Abe is an inspiration to me and his drumming has influenced me tremendously.  It was a great experience to see them live and performing as solid as they did.  One day soon I hope to see them again with Chi on bass but until then I am glad they honor him and Sergio Vega is doing an excellent job filling in.

Robert Rios 

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